Contest thing is over

Congrats to ectobiologay for figuring it out!  Thanks for playing guys!  It was fun!!

(answer to the pattern is under the “Read More”)

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Contest Thing: Winner Gets to Request a JohnDave Fic

Because I am desperate to write more JohnDave one-shots, but I’m too afraid of looking through the kinkmeme (because spoilers), I have decided to hold a contest:

(Posting a “Read More” because it actually shows a spoiler for my newest fic, What Made You Think That?)

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This is the most inspirational quote I’ve ever read.


This is the most inspirational quote I’ve ever read.









The critically acclaimed short film Go Home Homura, You are Drunk spread across the nation over night as a massive viral hit. Everything about this piece is wonderful; the animation, cinematography, and character development clearly surpasses that of its contemporaries. This animated feature spins the tale of five young girls throwing away their troubles for one night of partying that they will never forget. The adventure hooks audiences in, but the drama was what really attracted young teens across the country. Teenagers could relate to the struggles that the cast faced and were strongly empathetic to the protagonists. I highly suggest you give Go Home Homura, You are Drunk a chance because this short just might open your eyes to the complex lives of teenagers.

Potential Livestream?

So I’m actually thinking about having a Livestream again sometime soon.  Omg the first time in almost a year???  Yeah, I know.  But this time, it won’t be of Journey, or Flower, or me drawing.  It will be of…


Puppyshipping - The Puppy Needs Master

Supposedly, there’s some “Mature Content” in it, and it’s possible to get a bad ending!

Sorry, slight change

the tag will be called “aibou watches zexal.”

I just feel weird using my full name all the time! lol

I’m going to be catching up on Zexal!

So in the next few days, I will start watching all 30+ episodes of Zexal that I missed.  My goal is to finish before my Winter Vacation (which is the last week of December/first week of January).

Because I know that some people would love to see my reactions, I have decided that I will be posting them here as well, because I’ve heard that after the first 20-something episodes of Zexal II, everything just goes to shit and I will forever be in a glass case of emotion.  Also my shippings might change. 

To keep up with these series of posts, I will be putting them under the tag “aibou watches zexal.”

Well, anyway.  I hope you enjoy the ride!  I know I will!